Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Department is dedicated to promoting and maintaining standards to preserve and enhance the quality of life for our community. It is our objective to educate citizens regarding County regulations, encourage community involvement, and obtain voluntary compliance of County ordinances.

File a Complaint

The Newton County Code Enforcement Department accepts complaints via phone or online. A physical address, map and parcel number, and / or a lot number and street name must be provided in order to file a complaint. The Department only takes complaints for addresses in Unincorporated Newton County. 

  • Complainants may request anonymity when making the initial complaint. You must state that you wish to remain anonymous on the complaint form, email, or voicemail.
  • Each reported alleged violation should require the submitting of a separate form for each individual violation location or any new (subsequent to the initial complaint) violations occurring on the property.
  • Without the complainant’s testimony in court it may not be possible to prosecute violations in court.

Residential Property Tenants

Newton County does not have a housing maintenance code requiring landlords to maintain certain living conditions. You may visit the Georgia Department of Community Affairs website or call at 404-679-4940 for additional resources on landlord-tenant rights and responsibilities. 

Enforced Ordinances

The Newton County Code Enforcement Department enforces the following ordinances:

Litter Control and Solid Waste Ordinance

Property Maintenance, Litter Control and Solid Waste Management and Nuisance Abatement Ordinance. 

Typical complaints filed under this ordinance:

  • Dumping - discarding a large mass of debris, material, garbage, etc. on a property or roadside
  • Junk - cars, appliances, equipment, furniture, etc. placed outside of dwelling
  • Operation of illegal landfills
  • Property Maintenance outside of home/business- uncut grass, trash, etc.
  • Recycling Center violations - leaving trash bags outside of center’s gate when closed, improper use, etc.
  • Unwelcome circulation of pamphlets and newspapers outside of mailbox

Zoning Ordinance

Typical complaints filed under this ordinance:

  • Accessory structure location
  • Business operations - Failure to comply with home occupation zoning guidelines or operating a business in an improper zoning district
  • Encroachment in to buffers
  • Failure to comply with zoning conditions
  • Failure to renew temporary permits for manufactured homes-hardships
  • Fencing regulations - height restrictions and material regulations
  • Illegal operation of Day Care facilities and centers
  • Illegal operation of Group homes
  • Improper parking of Commercial and Recreational vehicles
  • Livestock and Livestock quarters- location of quarters, excessive amount of hoofed animals per fenced acre, etc.
  • Operation of a kennel - The keeping of more than 3 or animals
  • Signs - Improper erection of ground signs, weekend directionals, wall signs, window signs, temp, etc.

Occupational Tax/Business License Ordinance

Typical complaints filed under this ordinance:

  • Operating a business without a license and failure to renew occupational tax / business license
  • Outdoor storage, customers/employees at the home, and commercial vehicles parked at home-based business

Alcohol Beverage Ordinance

Typical complaints filed under this ordinance:

  • Improper sales, serving, or packaging of alcoholic beverages
  • Failure to renew Alcohol Beverage License

Development Regulations

Typical complaints filed under this ordinance:

  • Encroachment in to easement / buffers
  • Failure to comply with approved plans

Nuisance Abatement Ordinances

Typical complaints filed under this ordinance:

  • Abandoned swimming pools
  • Homes and structures that are in disrepair, dilapidated, or burned