Newton County Strategic Plan in Action

Committing to the Plan

Newton County Strategic Plan 2019-2022

Completed Items

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Actions and steps taken to achieve strategy 

  • Commit to a transparent government
    • Bring Development Service permitting software public portal online – DEVELOPMENT SERVICES
    • Conduct Newton County Table Talk Department Head meetings – PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICE
    • Conduct bi-monthly meetings with department heads to keep website updated – PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICE
    • Post legal notices on county website regarding Logic & Accuracy Testing of voting equipment, early tabulation and changes to precincts – ELECTIONS AND REGISTRATION
  • Cultivate a culture of two-way free-flowing information between Newton County, Municipalities, Chamber of Commerce, Board of Education and State agencies
    • Collaborate with municipalities and GEFA on multi-jurisdictional Waterfirst application process – KEEP NEWTON BEAUTIFUL
  • Ensure county staff has adequate training, equipment, and BOC support to provide for the needs of the stakeholders
    • Have a senior staff member complete Georgia Election Officials Certification – ELECTIONS AND REGISTRATION

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Actions and steps taken to achieve strategy 

  • Create a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing unsafe environments in existing parts of the community
    • Update and enforce Property Maintenance, Solid Waste Management and Nuisance Abatement Ordinance – DEVELOPMENT SERVICES
    • Keep well maintained, safe and clean facilities for our employees as well as our citizens – BUILDING SERVICES
    • Provide non-traditional programming options for family and youth such as health and nutrition classes, yoga, pickleball and boot camps – PARKS AND RECREATION
    • Host youth engagement activities in various parks throughout the County such as Kids Wildlife Day, Fun Days and Youth Skills and Drills – PARKS AND RECREATION
  • Encourage stakeholder initiatives toward the implementation of the Trail Network Plan
    • Work with Newton Trails on cleanup and beautification projects including The Great American Cleanup – KEEP NEWTON BEAUTIFUL

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Actions and steps taken to achieve strategy 

  • Update and realign ordinances, regulations, policies and enforcement of codes to ensure best quality of growth
    • Reviewed code enforcement penalties for non-compliance – DEVELOPMENT SERVICES
    • Hired Transportation Engineer to assist with development review and inspections – PUBLIC WORKS
    • Assist developers and engineers to help streamline their permit processing – PUBLIC WORKS
  • Establish and utilize partnerships to enhance economic development
    • Conduct Hazard Analysis upon request of local business owners to promote preparedness for natural and man-made disasters as well as hazards within the plant/corporation – EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT
    • Conduct evaluations of local factories of Hazardous Material spill drills involving all Public Safety agencies – EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT
    • Provide guidance to local industries to form a Local Emergency Planning Committee to better prepare for potential disasters within our County – EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT
  • Advocate for post-secondary education institutions and job readiness programs
    • Serve as a resource to participate in Career Days at elementary schools and round table discussions and forums at high schools and Career Academy – KEEP NEWTON BEAUTIFUL

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Actions and steps taken to achieve strategy 

  • Implement the short-term components of the Comprehensive Transportation Plan
    • Update the Short-Term Work program as these projects are completed – DEVELOPMENT SERVICES
  • Develop short term, intermediate and long term implementation plans for County facilities
    • Hired a part-time custodial staff member as part of the short-, intermediate- and long-term maintenance plans for County facilities – BUILDING SERVICES
  • Commit to pave or resurface a minimum of 20 miles of County roads annually
    • Paved 22 miles of roadways – PUBLIC WORKS