Fire Inspections in Newton County 

Inspections services include, Annual Fire and Life Safety Inspections, Certificate of Completions (CC), Certificate of Occupancies (CO), fire permits for new facilities and renovations, Commercial Burn permits and Blasting permits.

Contact Information

Deputy Chief Bradley Stapp: 678-625-5018  ,

Inspector/Investigator Jamie Long: 678-625-5014  , 

Inspector/Investigator David Thomas: 678-212-5412  ,

Due to the fire inspectors working out of office throughout the county, please leave a message if you cannot reach them and you will be contacted in a timely manner.

Fire and Life Safety Inspections

Existing Structures-These inspections are completed annually and throughout the year, as needed and the inspectors may sometimes come unannounced.

New Business or Change of Ownership Fire and Life Safety inspections inside existing structures are completed through the Fire Prevention Bureau.  

Click on the Helpful Information for Business Inspections link for further information and to get a head start on a business license inspection.

New Construction fire inspections are required at the 80% -20% completion before Ceiling Cover-up. The Bureau also requires an inspection for completion of the approved work.  

Underground Fire-line Piping Inspections are required. Underground Piping Inspection Procedures

Please call within two (2) days in advance for scheduling inspections and be sure to have your Zoning and Compliance Letter for new businesses beforehand. To get a Zoning and Compliance Letter, contact Newton County Planning and Development Services (678-625-1659). Click Here For More Development Services Information

Service Item


Plan Review Site


Plan Review-structures less than/equal to 5,000 sq. ft.


Plan Review-structures greater than 5,000 sq. ft. (Including site inspections up to and including final and 1st follow up)

$0.030 per sq. ft.

Site Inspection 2nd re-inspection


Site Inspection 3rd and any additional inspections


Fire Alarm- less than/equal to 10,000 sq. ft. 


Fire Alarm-greater than 10,000 sq. ft.


Fire Sprinkler-structures less than 5,000 sq. ft.


Fire Sprinkler-structures greater than 5,000 sq. ft.


Annual Inspections and 1st follow-up

No Charge

Annual Inspections 2nd follow-up


Annual Inspections 3rd and additional re-inspections


After Hours Inspection

$30 per hour/2 hour minimum

Certificate of Occupancy CO(or Change of Occupancy)


Certificate of Completion CC (New Tenant/Business License)


Commercial Burn Permit (30 days)


Fire Watch

$40 per hour/per person

Incident Reports

$3 per copy

Fireworks Consumer Stand Permit 

$ 500

Commercial Blasting

Fire inspections are needed in order to Blast in Newton County.

Click on the Blasting in Newton County Link for important information prior to the inspection.

Commercial Outdoor Burning

Commercial Burning in Newton County requires an inspection and use of an Air Curtain Destructor (ACD) for each burn pit and ACD utilized.

See the Air Curtain Destructor Operation Guide for further guidance. These instructions are directly from the Mountain District-Atlanta Office Environmental Protection Division.

Residential Outdoor Burning

Residential Outdoor Burning requires no permit within Newton County so long as it is hand piled natural vegetation that fits within a 6ft x 6ft area. The annual state wide burn ban lasts from May 1st to September 30th each year. No burning whatsoever may be done during the burn ban. Please click this link to view other burn laws associated with residential burning according to GA Forestry.


Fire Plans Review

Site Plans are reviewed during the submittal to Newton County Department of Planning and Development.

New Construction Life Safety Plans are reviewed through the process of submittal to Newton County Department of Planning and Development also.

Fire Alarm plans are to be submitted to the Newton County Fire Prevention Bureau, separately from Newton County Plans and Development Services.

Fire Protection Suppression System Plans, including Fire Sprinkler Plans are also to be submitted separately, to the Newton County Fire Prevention Bureau electronically (, or in person (4136-A HWY 278, Covington, GA 30014)

Current Sprinkler Ordinance

Fire Sprinkler Plan Review Requirements

Fire Sprinkler Owners’ Information Certificate

New Fire Alarms and New Fire Protection Systems are to be tested for the final inspection and the appropriate NFPA letter signed by the installer at the time of completion of the project.

Newton County Schools

In the links below are the checklist for fire safety and compliance, as well as emergency planning for Newton County Schools.

Newton County Schools Compliance Form

Fire Watch

Fire Watch is required for fire sprinkler systems or fire alarm systems that are deemed out of service or non-compliant. Use our fire watch log whenever a fire watch on your facility is needed.

 Fire Watch Log

Private Fire Hydrant Program 

The Private Fire Hydrant Program is primarily used to provide a reliable, up to code, private hydrant system (hydrants not maintained by the municipality) for commercial properties with fire hydrants located on the property.

Private Fire Hydrant System

Private Hydrant Preferred List

Sales of and Displays of Fireworks

In accordance with GA Title Code 25-10, permits for temporary consumer fireworks retail stands shall be obtained from the Bureau (NCFPB). 

Use the Georgia State OCI Citizenserve Portal for applications for Proximate and Pyrotechnic displays.


Knox Box Products and Information

Visit the Knox Box website at

For your local fire department agency, make sure to choose Newton Co Fire Svc.

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