Joint Development Authority


  • The fourth Tuesday of each month at 1 p.m.


  • Jerry Silvio, Chairman appointed by Newton County
  • Andy Ainslie, Vice Chairman appointed by Morgan County
  • David Thompson, Secretary appointed by Walton County
  • Steve Jordan, Treasurer appointed by Jasper County
  • Marcello Banes, Appointed by Newton County
  • Bob Hughes, Appointed by Morgan County
  • Gerald Stunkel, Appointed by Jasper County
  • Mike Owens, Appointed by Walton County
  • Andrea P. Gray, Attorney


The Joint Development Authority (JDA) of Jasper, Morgan, Newton & Walton Counties began as a concept in 1998 between Newton & Walton Counties.  In 1999 the formation of the between the four counties was adopted by each county and the JDA became a reality.

The goal of the JDA was to create an industrial area to attract industry to the region.  Specifically, the goal was to create a research park for bio-science industries.

In 2000 the JDA partnered with Technology Park of Atlanta (TPA) to develop a master plan for the area. Thus, Stanton Springs was created as a mixed-use development.

Today, the four-county area is home to Takeda, Georgia's BioScience Training Center, Facebook's Newton Data Center, the Newton County Water and Sewerage Authority's Emmons Treatment Facility and the future home of Baymare's Data Center and Rivian Electric Vehicle Plant. 

The Board of Commissioners as a whole selects two members to serve on the JDA Board. One member of the JDA Board must be a member of the Board of Commissioners. Members serve for four year terms unless the member sooner ceases to serve on the Board of Commissioners.