Development Services

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The Newton County Department of Development Services provides services for Unincorporated Newton County and consists of the following Divisions:

  • Building Permits (includes City of Mansfield, City of Oxford and Town of Newborn)
  • Business/ Alcohol Licenses
  • Code Enforcement
  • Planning and Development
  • Zoning

Newton County Unified Development Ordinance

The department is committed to providing excellent community service and follows the Newton County Zoning Ordinance and the Newton County Development Regulations.

Chapter 1- Zoning Ordinance

Newton County Unified Development Ordinance Chapter 1- Zoning Ordinance, working copy  with amendments thru 07/19/2022   

Chapter 2 - Development Regulations 

Newton County Development Regulations (PDF) March 4, 2003, working copy with Amendments through March 21, 2017

Chapter 3- Newton County Water Resources Ordinance

 Newton County Water Resources Ordinance

Development Services Documents

Newton County Comprehensive Plan