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To obtain a Fire Report call the Main Office at 770-784-2116. 
You may also send an email to: 

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Welcome to the Newton County Fire Service website. We hope you will find our site a valuable source of information.

Our Mission

The primary mission of the Newton County Fire Service is to provide a range of programs and training designed to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants of Newton County from the adverse effects of fire, sudden medical emergencies, or exposure to dangerous conditions created by either man or nature.

About NCFS

Established in the early 1960’s, thanks to the Covington-Newton County Civil Defense, in nearly 60 years we have evolved into a force of 163 career and part-time firefighters that protect the 279 square miles and population of almost 110,000 as well as the many visitors of Newton County.

 Currently our highly skilled firefighters occupy 10 stations across Newton County, ready at all times to gear up and protect the community from fire or provide emergency medical services. N.C.F.S. and Covington Fire have a special training center that includes a 2 story “class A” burn building, pump testing and drafting pits, a classroom, breakroom with bathrooms and showers, and a driving course. This center is a very beneficial and an important part of our future firefighters training. 

Everyone at Newton County Fire Service works diligently to serve the citizens and visitors of Newton County, Georgia by providing a multitude of services including fire suppression, emergency medical care, fire cause and investigation, public safety education, as well as inspection and plan review for code compliance.

Employment Opportunities

Click the link below to apply for Certified and Recruit Firefighter positions!

Certified and Recruit Firefighter

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The Newton County Emergency Management Association will be hosting Active Shooter and Stop The Bleed Classes September 29th,2022 & September 30th, 2022 from 8:00am - 12:00pm on both days. These classes will take place at The Turner Lake Complex, 6185 Turner Lake Road NW, Covington, GA 30014.These classes are open to the public and are completely free. You will only need to attend one of these days to complete the courses and receive a certificate.  For more information please call The Emergency Management Association at 770-784-2127 or visit their Webpage at this link EMA Webpage

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         Newton County Fire is proud to announce the opening of a brand new Station! Station 4, located at 1200 County Road 213, Covington, Ga 30014 officially opened for use June 29th,2022. This Station will help many Newton County Citizens lower their Insurance Protection Class Rating.

           As well as a new Engine, Station 4 is equipped with state of the art cancer prevention aspects and additions. In the pictures you can see Chief Conner, Newton Fire Personnel, and Newton Fire Recruits rolling in the brand new engine for St. 4. This is a tradition carried on over the years that originated with horse drawn pumpers. The pumpers would have to be rolled into the Stations bay by hand as the horses could not back them up.

          Church 213 was very kind in gathering soil from the build site of St. 4 before the construction. The members prayed over this gathered soil until the Station was finalized and opened on June 29th, 2022. The dirt remains at St. 4 and will for as long as it is occupied.

           If you are in need of documentation on Protection Class ratings please see the documents under ISO/Protection Class Document Center on this page.