Joint Development Authority


  • The fourth Tuesday of each month at 1 p.m.


  • Jerry Silvio, Chairman appointed by Newton County
  • Andy Ainslie, Vice Chairman appointed by Morgan County
  • David Thompson, Secretary appointed by Walton County
  • Steve Jordan, Treasurer appointed by Jasper County
  • Marcello Banes, Appointed by Newton County
  • Bob Hughes, Appointed by Morgan County
  • Gerald Stunkel, Appointed by Jasper County
  • Mike Owens, Appointed by Walton County
  • Andrea P. Gray, Attorney


The Joint Development Authority (JDA) of Jasper, Morgan, Newton & Walton Counties began as a concept in 1998 between Newton & Walton Counties.  In 1999 the formation of the between the four counties was adopted by each county and the JDA became a reality.

The goal of the JDA was to create an industrial area to attract industry to the region.  Specifically, the goal was to create a research park for bio-science industries.

In 2000 the JDA partnered with Technology Park of Atlanta (TPA) to develop a master plan for the area. Thus, Stanton Springs was created as a mixed-use development.

Today, the four county area is home to Takeda and Georgia's BioScience Training Center and future home of Facebook's Newton Data Center. 

The Board of Commissioners as a whole selects two members to serve on the JDA Board. One member of the JDA Board must be a member of the Board of Commissioners. Members serve for four year terms unless the member sooner ceases to serve on the Board of Commissioners.