Open Gym


Monday - 8am-7:30pm (Basketball/Walking Track)
Tuesday - 8am-7:30pm (Basketball/Walking Track)
Wednesday - 8am-3:30pm (Basketball/Walking Track)
                      4pm - 7:30pm (Pickleball, Volleyball & Walking Track)
Thursday - 8am-7:30pm (Basketball/Walking Track)
Friday - 8am-4:30pm (Basketball/Walking Track)
Saturday - 10am-3:30pm (Basketball/Walking Track)


  1. No Bags of any kind.
  2. Must have your own basketball.
  3. An ID and fee (or you will not be allowed to enter the gym).

All ID's must have picture and address, we do not accept EXPIRED ID's.  Any child under the age of 18, must have a parent/guardian come in with their proof of residency to make the child a Turner Lake ID. (SIBLINGS cannot verify a minor to make an ID).


Newton County Residents
Ages 8-17  - $2 per day / $20 for a year
Ages 18-54 - $3 per day / $50 per year
Ages 55+ - $2 per day / $20 per year

All Ages - $5 per day / $150 per year                                                                                                           

*Nothing over $20 CASH accepted for daily fee. 

Pickleball  Volleyball Open Gym

Gym Fees Apply for Pickleball & Volleyball